{tips & pics via Weddify::special thanx}

Candy Bar Tips:

* Estimate about 1/4 pound candy per person.
* Take your serving cue from the old-fashion Candy Shoppes - have someone serve your guests their delectable treats your guests

* Don't forget about replenishing your sweet vessels. {We all know the diseaster that will ensue if we don't...we'll just move on}
* Add visual interest by varying the height, size and contour of your vessels.
* Remember that over-sized container are great when filled to the brim with delicious munchies. But buy extras- you'll need them.
* Add sturdy ornate Scoops and Tongs for dishing out your delights.
* More visual delights can be created with containers of varying designs and shapes.


Anne said...

Oh wow! Necco wafers and rock candy. What fabulous ideas, and unique too. Not your average candy station.

Love reading your blog! What great ideas.


Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...

Nothing like candy to soothe the soul...Yum Yum.
Thanx for stopping by:D