Make an Inaugural entrance ::

With so many choices in gown styles, it's no wonder that finding the one that knocks you off your feet and into a tailspin seems elusive. So many questions to consider; cathedral, tea length, princess, sleek, indie, couture , nouveau - which one do I chose? It's all a bit overwhelming. How about taking your cue from the {quiet} historical trendsetters of the fashion industry-- The First Ladies of the United States. Regardless if your style is nostalgic and prim, like Eleanor Roosevelt, classically sophisticated and clean, like Jackie O, or chic and tastefully elegant like Michelle Obama, using these fashion icons as your guide should land you in a 'fantabulous'{my word} showpiece. To get you started, I've been on the 'blog stroll' to give you the latest and greatest samples, by the world's reknown designers, designed exclusively for the First Lady Michelle Obama ... and...{drumroll, please}...HERE THEY ARE!!

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