T.M.A. to Detail?

{aka :: To Much Attention}
Okay, I've had many blog posts that emphasize, applaud & encourage relaying your wedding vision through well thought out details.
This post is an ingenous example of ' the detail as the WOW factor'. As a planner, I search high and wide for unique examples of great details that add the BANG to your day. Although detail can touch all aspects of your event, the creature comforts shown below just might be T.M.A. to detail! Don't get me wrong, I am an advocate of blinging out your restroom facilities with great 'usuable' and memorable items for your guests but...
{couture?} toilet paper? Cute, but is it a little over the top? too much attention? too memorable? And for $9.00 a roll...well, I'm just saying.
I need some help here on this one. COMMENTS PLEASE!

{if your dare to purchase, click on picture}

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