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In these uncertain times, no one can be blamed for taking steps to protect their interests. One way that some married couples do this is by signing prenuptial agreements. These contracts spell out in exact terms what will happen financially in the event of a divorce. They come in handy when one spouse (or both) is a high net worth individual who wants to avoid a lengthy court process if their wedding vows should ring hollow. For the most part, "prenups" are a legitimate and reasonable way of preventing future headaches. However, some prenups cross the line between prudent financial planning and sheer absurdity. Need proof? Take a look at some of these crazy clauses the Chicago-Sun Times found lurking in prenuptial agreements:

Here are a few crazy clauses found lurking in pre-nup agreements
::Chicago-Sun Times :

Charlie Sheen {marries} Denise Richards
Liz Taylor {marries} Larry Fortensky
Katie Holmes {marries} Tom Cruise
Keith Urban {marries} Nicole Kidman
Brad Pitt {marries} Angelina Jolie
And the Roseanne
episode that made us, at least, think about it...

BEWARE !! for some the topic of a 'pre-nup' is like floating with disaster. As unromantic as it may sound (be), the agreements can serve their purpose. Just ask Sir Paul McCartney who nearly got soaked because he did not have a better one. And consider Kanye West's chart-topping tune that advices that having one of these can thwart 'golddiggers'.

HOWEVER!! one of the flaws (and I am sure that you can name more than a few) is that in the zeal to protect against the contingency of divorce (who said that?), it seems that they become a self fulfilling prophecy.

ANYONE (perhaps it can be said that...) who has some alternative and/or ulterior motive should not be getting married !

That's the way I see it... I am interested in your feedback. Share with me on this one.

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