Give Something Whimsically {Useful}

crocs just for your phone... this cute gadget for housing your phone - and a few credit cards - will surely be a *shoe-in* as a whimsically fun party gift.

want something different + functional {=not stashed away in the - 'I'll find something to do with it later' catagory?} Give these sure to be conversation starters {+ functional} velcro laptop cases

they are available in several neon colors... owning one will certainly strike a dialogue with the nearest curious traveler...

imagine this... an online site that helps you stickk to your committments. Have a goal ... will track and measure your progress, give suggestions for attaining your goals, etc.

um-m-m-m ... should have found this at the beginning of the year * ... it does, however, make for a nice, albeit - unplanned transition into the next post...

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