On The Same Page as {Hue}...

one of the essential tools in a designer's toolbox in their {paint} chip. It's portable, small, and the color palette is seemingly vass in its offerring of hues. The other beauties with this must-have 'jewel' is :: {1} you never get the color wrong (ala you've accidently left your swatch at home and a vendor is asking for a sample of your colors and you must rely on your eye's memory...), {2} you are not risking that the vendor that you just gave that very, very (did I say 'very'?) tiny piece of swatch to, may , somehow, get it wrong (because, 'I didn't know that every vendor would want a sample of the color....I thought they could match this with no problems with the description I gave them...) and {3} you can stop biting your nails because you are worried that ..."if I have to give another piece of my dress to another vendor, I'm going to be wearing a mini wedding dress ...."
So, learn from the designer Pros and invest in a paint chip stack. It'll make your life {much} easier !!

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