{Bridesmaid's} Rules :: Part Une

{photo via Suite Bridezilla}

I'd like to introduce to you Jami {no 'E'}. Jami is a Bride, soon to be married - {October 4th} - to Mr. Ballentine {add the 'E'}. Because Jami is a St Louie Girl and Mr. B's heart {& roots} belong to New York -- Jami & Mr B will be having a {New York::St Louis} theme as the backdrop to their wedding. Jami {a.k.a. Suite B(ridezilla) } is keeping a blog that is chronicling her procession toward holy matrimony and it is funny & addicting!!!
After one {although plan for many} of her outing with her Bridesmaids... and they are "FIERCE"... Jami found that, in order to keep her sanity {at least when connecting with her BFFs}, she needed to inform her posey of the following "Bridesmaids Rules :: Part 1."
I absolutely {LOVE} the rules !!! I have sent my Brides to Suite B's site to see them {and, if necessary... use them}. I hope that you enjoy these rules as much as I do.
.... and as for her 'fierce' Bridal posey... I'll be waiting for your comments...

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