{Parasol} + {Rain} = {Beautiful} Plan B

... just don't let it RAIN !!!
it is every couples hope that their special day not be 'ruined' by rain. but imagine
on your special day may not be all bad !!!
... Wha-a-at!!!

well now think about it - [ it = rain, but not on your special day] - rain can evoke all that is {Romantic}! That's right, romance. Rain invokes feelings of intimacy and enchantment. Some of the most romantic days are those when you are greeted in the morning when you wake by the soft fall of rain on the window. It is cosy and romantic and conjures thoughts of snuggling up close with someone you love.
Rain can also be very {Inspiring}! Take the opportunity to view the rain as being like the prelude to a new beginning. Your marriage is a new beginning, therefore it is natures way of helping you start your marriage with a clean new world.
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