Licensed to .... {Register}

'where do I register?' is the question that, if you have not asked yourself, is next on the list of questions to entertain {and answer... eventually}. the answer to this question is as unique as the individuality of each couple. do I register at the traditional places that all my girlfriends have?, we have everything that we need, so what do we ask for?
all of the amazing retail stores that are usually the site of preference for gift registry are chock full of the delights that a couple can invision in their humble abode, but why not think out of the box and make it fun for your guests with gifts like those below...
they are whimsical ;as well as, {Fun}ctional and are sure to be the topic of some very interesting conversations.
for example ::
{the gift} :: the salt and pepper ensemble .... {the conversation}..'does form follow function?
{the gift} :: the suspended votive/vases .... {the conversation}.. 'is this feng shui?
{the gift} :: the baroque balance scale .... {the conversation}..'can you really get mad about a gift so beautiful?

{gifts via CHIASSO}

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