{Phenomenal Photographer} + {Fantastic Relationship} = {Awesome Memories}

of course i love the idea of a photo both as a fun and playful feature at an event, but it is by no means a substitute for the immeasureable memories produced by a top notch photographer. my friend, Scarlett Lillian, a photographer who has been featured in my blog {I luv her work}, was invited by the elite photographer's network, Photographik dot org to write a piece for a new feature on their website.
Her topic :: The DO'S and DON'TS of creating an "awesome" relationship with you photographer.
she gives {10} tips in all, but the one that i am luving the most {now & forever} is TIP # {5}. it goes something ... no it goes exactly like this ::

{5}. "DO hire a Wedding Planner.
While the photographer is responsible for how your day flows visually, a Wedding Planner is an {EXPERT} in how to coordinate your day to flow with as less stress as possible. It helps us get the best photos when we can concentrate on simply being the photographer, not the director too. And you shouldn’t be worrying about all the details coming together either. It’s your day to be a princess and catered to, not stressing about if the bows are tied on the seat covers or having to track down the florist because the bouquets were the wrong shade of magenta. A general rule: Something will always go wrong, and these minuscule details are worth the stress you can save for the price you can hire a wedding planner to handle it for you. Photographers like brides who are relaxed, not stressed. Relaxed brides make for more beautiful photos. "
you can read the rest of the tips here

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