Take A {Letter}

The most important stationery, outside of the stationery used to complete your marriage license, is the invitation that is presented to your guests announcing your much anticipated event. Let this be the first area of personalization of your event. Much ado is paid to the gown, the cuisine, the cake and even the first dance. The lettering that you choose to relay your event's important information should be as well thought out and reflective of the ambience in which you will frame your event. Below are just a few, {a very few} fonts for you to begin to ponder. As with the aspects of your event, take your time and be certain that the lettering is truly reflective of you, as a couple; as well as, the mood that you want to set for your grande day !!!
Here ar a few to get you started...

Script :: Galgos

Script:: Cenizas

Script:: Affair

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